September 2016 – Following the identification of Liparis loeselii specimens we began the breeding procedures

We accomplished this by field marking the specimens that we identified via GPS points and locations, and we also have monitored all summer to see when it reaches the optimal time for harvesting the seeds.From numerous studies and discussions with various researchers, we concluded that late September would be optimal for taking the capsules with seeds when they are golden brown and capsules are hard to the touch.Early September gave us emotions, because it was full of rain and we could not objectively monitor the hardness of the capsules.From mid-month the precipitations diminished and excess water was removed from the capsule by sunshine. Thus, two copies of Liparis sp. Harman identified in the swamp, we had collected a total of six capsules. They were taken two by two on 22, 24 and 27 September. On September 28, we went to the Botanical Garden in Cluj-Napoca, where we met an expert in vitro multiplication of plants, especially orchids.Also, besides tubes capsules, we brought a soil sample from the swamp, which will be analyzed in laboratory conditions.