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A2. Stakeholders analysis and of socio-economic context in the project area

A3. Sites’ hydro-pedological regime assessment

C1. Identification and delimitation of the two sites boundaries and surrounding with a green fence the threatened marsh habitat 7210*

C2. Natural state restoration, conservation and support of the ecological processes within alluvial forests of 91E0* habitat

C3. Measures to support the natural regeneration of Euro-Siberian forested-steppe with Querqus sp. vegetation of 91I0* habitat

C4. Ecological reconstruction and conservation of Prejmer and Harman eutrophic marshes – priority habitat 7210*.

C5. Diminishing human impact on priority habitats within the project area.

E1. Promoting the project’s objectives and results.

E3. Design and set up of the informative panels and the elaboration of the final report for the general public

E4. Awareness raising campaign for the promotion of SCI sites and their socio-economic benefits.

E5. Diminishing the impact of the stakeholders on the conservation status of the project area.

Thematic tracks

F1. Project management.

F3. Experience exchange with other LIFE projects.

The project is financed through the support of the LIFE Nature instrument of the European Union. The EU contribution amounts to 885.731 euro, representing 69,96% of the total project value.