Monthly Archives: September 2016

September 2016 – Measures to help the regeneration of Quercus sp. forest, 91I0 priority habitat – C3 Activity

We started stripping saplings planted, after the passing of summer because evapotranspiration doesn’t reach a level so high, the soil retains moisture for a long time and that’s why this type of works could be achieved.We also installed a video monitoring system on Citadel Hill-Lempes that we want to see […]

September 2016 – Following the identification of Liparis loeselii specimens we began the breeding procedures

We accomplished this by field marking the specimens that we identified via GPS points and locations, and we also have monitored all summer to see when it reaches the optimal time for harvesting the seeds.From numerous studies and discussions with various researchers, we concluded that late September would be optimal […]

August 2016 – Mounting information panels with grazing prohibition in the project area – Activity C5

There are many disturbing factors affecting the natural balance of an ecosystem, the most prominent of them being voluntary and involuntary human influence. In this sense the project is adversely affected by grazing, protected habitats and plant species thus destroyed.After the project meating, scientists have determined that banning / restricting […]