The Project topic and its relevance

The project is relevant at the national level, addressing the objectives of the National Strategy for CDI, within the general objective of developing and consolidating the partnerships that develop innovative products and services for 5 domains – Agriculture, food safety and security, specifically research topics 5.1.16 Protection and development of game and salmon resources, while addressing in the same time the derivate objectives included in other research topics: a) research theme – 3.3.1 Biological, geological and ecological diversity, at local, regional and national level (characterization, identification of control andstress factors, identification of functions of biological, geological and ecological diversity components, social and economic assessment) and b) research theme 3.3.2 – Monitoring systems for biological and ecological diversity dynamics at structural and functional level a) Scientific substantiation and development of technologies for the conservation, reconstruction and consolidation of biological and ecological diversity, b) Knowledge development in the field of land planning in a sustainable manner. Research direction pursued in the project is 3.3 (Ecological protection and reconstruction of critical areas and conservation of protected areas) covering the following topics: 3.3.1, 3.3.2, 3.3.4 and 3.3.5.Moreover, the project is included in the national strategy for the conservation and development of game resources and the action plan for the development and conservation of game species.